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five stories plus penthouse

161 East Grand Avenue is a five-story commercial loft building totaling approximately 48,291 rentable square feet with an average floor plate size of 9,500 square feet. The building was originally built in 1930 and has served as the home of its current owner, Optimus, since 1979. The current owner of the building, Optimus, Inc. is a leading production and post-production creative services firm.  Optimus currently occupies all levels to the building except the 3rd Floor and has never leased out any portion to the building to a third-party tenant (even as the third floor stands vacant today).  Instead the 3rd floor has been used as storage area for their business. Upon sale of the property, Optimus will downsize their space into only occupying the Lower Level, 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor of the property.  The 3rd, 4th, and Penthouse floors will be made available for immediate occupancy. 

The lower level is currently utilized by Optimus as employee lounge amenity space as well as for their engineering editing space. The lower level is accessible by the passenger elevator and stairwell in the northwest corner and the freight elevator and stairwell in the southeast corner. There is also a third stairwell that leads directly to the employee lounge area from the first

IST FLOOR | 9,500 SF
There are three separate entrances to the property. The Grand Avenue (north) side entrance serves as the main entrance to the building and is located at the northwest corner of the building, while there is a separate side entrance on the St. Clair Street (east) side of the building, as well as a service entrance at the southeast corner of the building accessible through the alley. This service entrance leads to direct access to the building’s freight elevator and two loading docks on the east side of the building. The first floor sits 7-8 steps above street level and is accessible by all three entrances. Through the main entrance, steps lead up to a foyer that contains a passenger elevator and stairwell access.  The first floor is fully occupied by Optimus and features spacious offices and work areas for the company’s production and design staff and executives.

2ND FLOOR  | 9,500 SF
The 2nd floor features a number of perimeter offices for the company’s creative and editorial staff, as well as a conference room and audio studios. It is accessible by both the passenger and freight elevators and all three stairwells.

3RD FLOOR | 9,500 SF
The 3rd floor currently has three small perimeter offices in the northwest corner. The remainder of the floor is mainly utilized by Optimus for equipment and furniture storage.  The space is available for new occupancy. 

4TH FLOOR | 9,500 SF
The fourth floor is currently occupied by Optimus’ Live Action Production division but would be vacated upon sale of the property (Optimus would absorb their production team into the first and second floors).  In 2007-08, current ownership performed a high-end build-out of the fourth floor. The floor features an audio studio and a 1,415 square foot stage, as well as office and workshop space.

The penthouse is approximately 791 square feet of lounge, office and storage space. Although not really utilized today, the penthouse has served as a “hangout” space for clients. The penthouse also leads out to the roof. In years past, Optimus has considered constructing a rooftop terrace offering stunning views but has never proceeded forward with the project.